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Page speed monitoring and alerting for your website. Get daily Lighthouse reports, Google CrUX analytics and field tests for all your pages. No installation needed.

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We run daily tests of your most important pages, both from a desktop and mobile browser. See aggregated views or detailed reports, including all metrics, opportunities and waterfall reports. Get notified if something's not right.

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Performance Budgets

Don't let your performance metrics decay. Use Performance Budgets to prevent regressions and keep your website fast.

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See what Google sees

With Chrome UX Report (CrUX) data you'll see how your website performs based on real-world traffic, using the same metrics Google uses as a ranking signal. As a bonus, you can check the metrics of your competitors and you instantly get access to historical data.

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A fast website is green 🌿

Decarbonize your website by speeding it up, and do our planet a favor. A green website strengthens your brand image and helps attract the right customers and employees.

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