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SpeedCurve Small PlanPageVitals Starter Plan
Monthly price$143$12
Synthetic tests10,0001000
Core Web Vitals
Field tests500,00025,000
Chrome UX Report
Performance Budgets
Field testing
Waterfall chart
HTML validation
Custom tags and variablesLimited to User Timing API

PageVitals helps me monitor multiple pages on a site over time to track more realistic Lighthouse scores instead of just tracking in isolation at the site's launch. We are also able to see which pages need to be reviewed and improved.

Daniel R. ★★★★★

Synthetic vs. Field Testing

Synthetic testing allows you to get an idea of how your website performs depending on server locations, whereas Field testing allows you to measure your site's performance as it's experienced in the wild.

Filter and segment your reports to get to the bottom of slow website performance.

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