Get historical CrUX data with PageVitals

Get historical CrUX data with PageVitals
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Lasse Schou

Lasse Schou

23 February 2023

Google has been on a roll this month. First they launched Lighthouse version 10 and shortly after they released the CrUX History API where you can get weekly updated data from the Chrome UX Report, 6 months back, free of charge.

As always with CrUX data, your website needs to have a certain amount of traffic in order to be included in the index.

What exact is CrUX anyway?

Chrome UX Report (CrUX) is real-world performance metrics collected by Chrome browsers. We wrote a guide on synthetic vs. field testing that explains CrUX more in-depth.

Great, so will this be included in PageVitals?

Chrome UX Report (CrUX) in PageVitals

You know what - we already did. When you add pages to your website, the first thing we do is add historical data 6 months back (if they exist in CrUX). Historical data has a weekly time resolution, so when you look back in time, you see weekly updated metrics - and from then on you'll get daily updates.

We hope you're as excited as we are 🥳

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