Signing up for a free trial

Sign up for free trial

First things first. You need to register with PageVitals before all the fun can begin. We have a 14 days free trial that you can use. Use this link to get started.

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Then follow these steps:

Choose login method

Choose whether to use Google or Microsoft as a login provider, or to use your email and a strong password. We strongly recommend using either Google or Microsoft as login provider if you already have an account with them. Using a login provider means that you don't have to remember a new password.

Password security notes

If you choose to add an email and your password, make sure your password is strong. Use a password generator and don't reuse an existing password. We'll salt and hash your password using a recommended cryptographic algorithm before storing it. This means that there's no technical way for us to recover a lost password - but of course you can reset your password using email address.

Add your website

Sign up

This is where you add the website you want to monitor. We only need the domain part, so if your website URL is, all you need to enter is "". Don't worry, you can change this later.

Name your account

We prefer using your business name or the name of your main website for naming your account. You can always change the account name later.

That's it

Your account is set up and you're ready to explore the app.