Resource list

Get a list of resource domains on the pages that have received Field Testing traffic

GET /{website-id}/field-testing/resources

Apart from the normal Field Testing filters, you can also add type to set the resource type:

typeThe resource type (doc, css, js, img, font, xhr, other). Or a combination of multiple types.

The result is a list of the domains that are used as resources on the pages. That can be 3rd party scripts, CDN domains, etc.

200 OK
"result": {
"count": 136968,
"list": {
"": {
"count": 52105,
"percent": 38,
"types": [
"load_time": 334
"": {
"count": 18045,
"percent": 13.2,
"types": [
"load_time": 599

The result.count property shows the total number of resource hits in the report. This number may be an approximation. Each item under result.list contains a key (the resource domain), and some properties:

keyThe domain (origin) of the resource
countThe number of hits (pageviews x number of resources used from that domain)
percentThe percentage of the hits compared to the total number of resource hits
typesThe resource types used from this domain (doc, css, js, img, font, xhr, other)
load_timeThe average load time (ms) of the resources on the domain