Test runs

Multistep test runs

Get the test runs of one multistep test.

GET /{website-id}/multistep/{test-id}/runs

The result looks like this:

200 OK
"result": {
"list": [
"id": "q0j1n7mvdsp6sy18",
"created": "2024-02-22T12:35:26.123Z",
"device": "desktop",
"duration": 57352,
"inp": 776,
"cls": 0.03,
"cpu_total": 12385,
"bytes_total": 785205,
"tbt": 232,
"status": "completed"

Each test run has these properties:

PropertyData typeDescription
idstringThe internal ID of the test run
createddatetimeThe date and time of when the test run was started
devicestringEither desktop or mobile
durationintegerThe duration of the test run in ms
inpintegerThe largest Interaction To Next Paint metric measured in all the steps of the test (ms)
tbtintegerThe Total Blocking Time measured across all steps in the test (ms)
clsfloatThe Cumulative Layout Shift measured in the test (unitless)
cpu_totalintegerTotal ms used by the CPU when loading the page
bytes_totalintegerTotal transfer size (bytes)
statusstringEither completed, failed, testing or queued.

Run multistep test

POST /{website-id}/multistep/{test-id}/runs

This will trigger a new test run and return this result:

201 Created
"runId": "q0j1n7mvdsp6sy18"