Setting up your first Multistep test

Creating a Multistep test is a simple, intuitive process. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Dashboard: Navigate to your dashboard where you'll find the Multistep tests section in the left menu.
  2. Add Multistep test: Click on Add multistep test, give your Multistep test a meaningful name and select which device to simulate the visit from - desktop or mobile.Create Multistep test
  3. Add steps: This is where the fun begins. You can add as many steps as you need.Multistep test stepsYou start with a "Navigate to URL" step, and from then on the sky is the limit. This image shows a step with a click on a button with the class my-button. All page elements are referred by their CSS Selector. Read a guide on how to find the CSS SelectorMultistep tests add step
  4. Run test: Once set up, go to the Runs tab and click Run Multistep Test to start the simulation.Multistep test runs
  5. Watch the results: If the test completes successfully (or even if it fails), go to the Overview tab. Here you can watch a video of how the multistep test went.
  6. Schedule: The multistep test is set to run automatically every day, so no further action is needed.