Network chart

Get network chart

Gets a day timeline of the different types of network traffic used for rendering the page.

GET /{website-id}/pages/{page-id}/network?device={device}

The device and date range are set using these querystring parameters:

Querystring parameterDescription
dateThe date range in yyyyMMdd-yyyyMMdd format. Defaults to last 90 days. Example: 20230401-20230501
deviceMandatory. Either desktop or mobile

The result looks like this:

"result": [
"date": "2023-03-31",
"bytes_total": 407921,
"bytes_thirdparty": 221263,
"bytes_doc": 9575,
"bytes_image": 166888,
"bytes_js": 175877,
"bytes_css": 55377,
"bytes_font": 0,
"bytes_media": 0,
"bytes_other": 204
"date": "2023-04-01",
"bytes_total": 400892,
"bytes_thirdparty": 221236,
"bytes_doc": 8914,
"bytes_image": 166947,
"bytes_js": 175885,
"bytes_css": 48965,
"bytes_font": 0,
"bytes_media": 0,
"bytes_other": 181

The properties for each array item are:

PropertyData typeDescription
dateyyyyMMddThe date that the metrics are averaged over
bytes_totalintegerThe total bytes transferred
bytes_docintegerBytes transferred for the HTML document
bytes_imageintegerBytes transferred for images
bytes_jsintegerBytes transferred for JavaScript
bytes_cssintegerBytes transferred for stylesheets
bytes_fontintegerBytes transferred for fonts
bytes_mediaintegerBytes transferred for media files such as videos
bytes_otherintegerBytes transferred for any other file type
bytes_thirdpartyintegerThe total bytes transferred from 3rd party domains