Page detail

Page detail

Get the latest test results from a page and a device (desktop/mobile).

GET /{website-id}/pages/{page-id}?device={device}
website-idThe internal ID of the website
page-idThe internal ID of the page
deviceEither "desktop" or "mobile"

The result looks like this:

200 OK
"id": "27ebx6g5v2",
"url": "/",
"alias": "Home",
"device": "desktop",
"latestMetrics": {
"fcp": 942,
"lcp": 5458,
"cls": 0.39,
"tbt": 174,
"ttfb": 875,
"speed_index": 3735,
"performance_score": 43,
"accessibility_score": 100,
"best_practices_score": 83,
"seo_score": 92,
"kb_total": 2745,
"cpu_total": 2371,
"budgets_exceeded": 2,
"budgets_at_risk": 0,
"opportunities": 20,
"validation_errors": 77
"latestCrux": {
"id": "27ebx6g5v2",
"device": "desktop",
"lcp": {
"value": 1910,
"green": 84.6,
"yellow": 9.2,
"red": 6.2
"fid": {
"value": 3,
"green": 98.7,
"yellow": 0.9,
"red": 0.4
"inp": {
"value": 275,
"green": 78.7,
"yellow": 15.4,
"red": 5.9
"cls": {
"value": 16,
"green": 49.2,
"yellow": 38.1,
"red": 12.7
"passed": false

Each website item has these properties:

idThe internal ID of the page
urlThe relative URL of the page, relative to the website domain
aliasThe displayed name of the page in the admin UI
deviceEither desktop or mobile
latestMetricsA collection of Lighthouse metrics, averaged over the last 3 days. See below.
latestCruxA collection of CrUX metrics, averaged over the last 3 days. See below.

Properties for latestMetrics

PropertyData typeDescription
fcpintegerFirst Contentful Paint (ms)
lcpintegerLargest Contentful Paint (ms)
clsfloatCumulative Layout Shift (unitless)
tbtintegerTotal Blocking Time (ms)
ttfbintegerTime To First Byte (ms)
speed_indexintegerSpeed Index (ms)
performance_scoreintegerPerformance Score (ms)
accessibility_scoreintegerAccessibility Score (ms)
best_practices_scoreintegerBest Practices Score (ms)
seo_scoreintegerSEO Score (ms)
kb_totalintegerTotal transfer size (KB)
cpu_timeintegerTotal CPU time (ms)
budgets_exceededintegerNumber of budgets exceeded
budgets_at_riskintegerNumber of budgets within 10% of exceeding
opportunitiesintegerNumber of opportunities / recommendations identified by Google Lighthouse
validation_errorsintegerNumber of HTML validation errors found

Properties for latestCrux

Has the latest values for the CrUX values of the page, if available.

fcpFirst Contentful Paint
lcpLargest Contentful Paint
fidFirst Input Delay
clsCumulative Layout Shift
ttfbTime To First Byte
inpInteraction To Next Paint
passedTrue if Core Web Vitals passed, otherwise false

Each web vital has these properties:

PropertyData typeDescription
valueinteger / floatThe 75th percentile value - in ms or unitless (cls)
greenfloatThe percentage of traffic getting a good experience
yellowfloatThe percentage of traffic getting a "needs improvement" experience
redfloatThe percentage of traffic getting a poor experience