Google Search

If you have enabled the Google Search Console integration, you'll be able to pull Google Search metrics from our API:

Get Google Search timeline

Gets the daily timeline of Google Search values for the page, if available. This data is pulled directly from Google Search Console.

GET /{website-id}/pages/{page-id}/google_search?device={device}

The device and date range are set using these querystring parameters:

Querystring parameterDescription
dateThe date range in yyyyMMdd-yyyyMMdd format. Defaults to last 90 days. Example: 20230401-20230501
deviceMandatory. Either desktop or mobile

The result looks like this:

"result": [
"date": "2023-03-31",
"impressions": 45343,
"clicks": 1472,
"ctr": 3.25,
"position": 14
"date": "2023-04-01",
"impressions": 34534,
"clicks": 950,
"ctr": 2.75,
"position": 14

The properties for each array item are:

PropertyData typeDescription
dateyyyyMMddThe date that the metrics are averaged over
impressionsintegerThe Google Search impressions for the page and device
clicksintegerThe clicks on Google Search results to the page and device
ctrdoubleThe click through rate
positionintegerThe average position on the Google Search result page for this page and device

Note that we are fetching data with the highest "freshness", but the data is typically 24 hours delayed from Google.

You can read more about the Search Console API here.