Get timeline

Gets a day timeline of the different loading metrics.

GET /{website-id}/pages/{page-id}/timeline?device={device}

The device and date range are set using these querystring parameters:

Querystring parameterDescription
dateThe date range in yyyyMMdd-yyyyMMdd format. Defaults to last 90 days. Example: 20230401-20230501
deviceMandatory. Either desktop or mobile

The result looks like this:

"result": [
"date": "2023-03-31",
"count": 1,
"lcp": 730,
"fcp": 730,
"speed_index": 792,
"tbt": 0,
"cls": 0,
"ttfb": 504,
"tti": 730,
"dom_elements": 175,
"dom_max_depth": 9,
"dom_ready": 652,
"on_load": 857,
"dns_time": 11,
"connect_time": 28,
"server_time": 463,
"transfer_time": 2
"date": "2023-04-01",
"count": 1,
"lcp": 383,
"fcp": 383,
"speed_index": 397,
"tbt": 0,
"cls": 0,
"ttfb": 92,
"tti": 383,
"dom_elements": 175,
"dom_max_depth": 9,
"dom_ready": 259,
"on_load": 531,
"dns_time": 10,
"connect_time": 33,
"server_time": 47,
"transfer_time": 9

The properties in each array item are:

PropertyData typeDescription
dateyyyyMMddThe date that the metrics are averaged over
fcpintegerFirst Contentful Paint (ms)
lcpintegerLargest Contentful Paint (ms)
clsfloatCumulative Layout Shift (unitless)
tbtintegerTotal Blocking Time (ms)
ttfbintegerTime To First Byte (ms)
ttiintegerTime To Interactive (ms)
speed_indexintegerSpeed Index (ms)
dns_timeintegerDNS lookup time (ms)
connect_timeintegerTime to establish HTTPS connection
server_timeintegerTime waiting for the server to process the request
transfer_timeintegerThe time it takes for the response to be transferred over the wire
dom_readyintegerThe time it takes for the DOM to render
on_loadintegerThe time it takes before the page is fully loaded (the "load" event is fired)
dom_elementsintegerThe number of DOM elements in the rendered page
dom_max_depthintegerThe maximum depth of the DOM graph in the rendered page